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Let Us Fix Your Flat: Use B & L Recovery and Towing for Your Truck Tire Road Service

No one appreciates a flat tire, but flats in a large truck are a much bigger problem than flats in a passenger vehicle. Fixing a flat in a large truck, especially one carrying a heavy load, is a difficult task, which needs specialized equipment and may require multiple people to handle. It can also be dangerous, depending on location. Getting your truck towed to a large truck repair facility is always an option, but it is time-consuming, and all truckers know that time means money. The obvious solution is finding a great truck tire road service. In the New York and New Jersey area, B & L Recovery and Towing has earned a reputation as one of the area’s best truck tire road services because of our rapid 24/7 response time and all of the options we offer to truckers who have called due to a flat or a road break down.

Multiple Options

We offer drivers multiple options to handle flats. We have a huge selection of new and used tires. We can also recap tires, extending their life at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We can handle these services for most trucks road-side, getting you on your way faster than the competition.

Rapid 24/7 Response Time

Of course, we know that flats are not the only reason that you may be stranded. Lots of problems can bring a truck to a halt. However, most of those problems can be fixed by a roadside service call, avoiding the time and the expense of towing your truck to a garage. That is why we have seven fully-equipped road service units for repair out on the New York and New Jersey roads. You are literally just a phone call away from help. In fact, we are authorized by the New Jersey Turnpike for tire road service.

Fast & Reliable Service

While our goal is to be able to get you on your way from the road, we know that sometimes that simply is not possible. In those instances, we offer full-service large truck maintenance and repair, including collision repair, at our garage. With our ten drive-in bays, and reputation for fast and reliable service, we can get you on your way quickly, safely, and affordably.

Heavy Duty Towing

Are You in a Jam? Our Professional Mechanical Services Can Help

Towing Service In NJWhen your truck is out of commission in the middle of a road, somewhere, you need a heavy duty truck towing company that is fast, reliable, and affordable. In the New York and New Jersey area, B & L Recovery and Towing is that company. We have a reputation for being one of the fastest large truck towing companies in the area. We know that every hour your truck is down is an hour that you are losing money, so we focus on rapid response for our towing customers.

24/7 Service To Any Location

However, we know that speed is not the only thing you look for when searching for a truck towing company. Large truck recovery and towing is different from regular towing. It not only requires specialized equipment, but also requires a different level of training and expertise. We have a fleet of 12 Heavy Duty Under Reach Trucks that can provide 24/7 service to any location in the New Jersey/ New York City metro area. We are authorized by the New Jersey State Police and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for large truck towing. We offer emergency short-distance towing, as well as long-distance towing with Landoll Lowboy Trailers, detachable Lowboy and Tri-Axle bus hauling. We are known for our recovery services for truck and tractor trailers. We have heavy duty rotators up to 75 tons, so that we can handle vehicles of any size and weight. We can get you unstuck and even rework cargo that has shifted or was damaged in transport.

Mechanical Services

Of course, after you are recovered and towed, you may need mechanical services for your large truck. We have a ten-bay full-service, drive-in facility, where we offer everything from routine maintenance to collision repair. While we hope you never need our services, we are proud to provide some of the best customer service in the country, and get you on the road again as quickly and as safely as possible.

What are the Safety Measures to Take for Truck Towing?

Breakdowns or collisions involving heavy duty commercial vehicles and trucks can be particularly dangerous, roadside or not. It is important to keep in mind a few safety measures when dealing with heavy duty truck towing in New Jersey.

Keep Truck Towing Number Handy

1. Keep in your phone as well as written down in a convenient place in your cab the numbers for the best heavy duty truck towing and roadside service in New Jersey. Having these numbers on hand and at your disposal when you need them is critical because if you break down but don’t know who to call, the time it takes to get you help will be a lot longer than it needs to be. Also, if you don’t have the number handy for a reliable heavy duty towing provider like B&L Recovery in New Jersey, you might end up with a service that does not have everything you need for a safe and speedy process. Avoid frustrations by being prepared.

Stay Safe And Comfortable While Waiting

2. Stay safe and comfortable while waiting. You already know the basics: remove your vehicle out of the laneway as much as possible, and always keep extra bottles of water on hand for emergency situations. However, you will also want to be prepared for extreme weather conditions while waiting for the heavy duty truck towing specialist to arrive. Thankfully New Jersey has companies like B&L Recovery and Towing, which cover the widest possible area including remote country roads.

Tell the dispatcher everything.

3. Tell the dispatcher everything. This is your livelihood. Remember the importance of calling in the issue immediately. However, it is also important to tell the roadside recovery and towing service everything they need to know. The fleet and equipment stocked by a company like B&L is diverse. They will be able to help you a lot better if they know what kind of vehicle you have and what issue you might be dealing with.

Benefits Of Using New Jersey Heavy Duty Towing Services

In the world of trucking and transport, there’s no time for full stops or idle repairing. Speed, efficiency, experience and quality all speak volumes, and if you’re running a trucking company in the USA – land of trucking, with as many as 3.5 million employed truck drivers in the United States as per All Trucking – then you’re going to need access and contact to a reliable, quality repair and towing service, right here in New Jersey.

Finding such a service, and exploring all the benefits of working with a company like BL Towing, requires a little research. So let’s dive in!

The Clear Benefits of Reliable Towing

A big part of getting your truck repaired is making sure it’s safely and reliably towed from one place to the next. And towing a truck is a little different from towing a sedan. Vet your local tow shop, or whatever towing service your chosen mechanic is affiliated with – because if you’re in the trucking industry, you’ll want to make sure that any towing service you work with in the area is capable and experienced in working with semi-trailer trucks and tractors, and other vehicles of the same size and caliber.

Towing is also an emergency service you’ll definitely want access to when your truck suddenly breaks down, and is in need of repairs that you can’t do on your own in the area. Calling Triple A for a tow isn’t always an option with extremely large vehicles, so quality heavy-duty truck towing is a big necessity as a reliable failsafe on the open road.

Finding a Quality Towing Service

Going for a local service is obviously important – there’s little sense in asking for a towing truck all the way from Pennsylvania when you’re on the opposite side of New Jersey, so having a local business on-hand that you can trust is very, very important. But how can you decide on a business to trust? By finding out who others in the industry trust most.

Utilize online reviews and testimonials from other trucking professionals to best determine what towing company offers the best rates, times and customer service. You’ll want a company you can work with and rely on in a pinch, so it’s important to do as much prior research as you need to make sure you’re pairing up with the best of the best.