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Selecting a Professional Truck Repair Service in New Jersey

When the time comes to truck repair service in New Jersey, you want to know you have a great company in mind to handle the repairs. With any new truck, you can expect it to run flawlessly for months or even years at a time. However, as with any other mode of transportation, there are tons of electrical and mechanical components which may eventually run into problems.  Here are some tips for ensuring your repair company is exceptional.

Request Recommendations

The first thing you want to do is talk to any co-workers, friends, and family members who have had truck repairs. These people can provide you with information about the best options in your area. Once you have a few companies in mind, it’s time to hit up the Internet and do a search. Look at reviews to get an idea of whether the technicians there are able to handle the repairs you might need in the future.

Tour the Shop

You also want to take a look at the shops before making a decision. Take a ride and visit the top names on your list. You can determine what the ambiance is at each garage and whether it seems conducive to providing quality truck repair in New Jersey. If you notice the garage is dirty or lacks organization, it’s not the right place for you. You also want the location to be comfortable for waiting when you do need repairs done.

Look for Certifications

One of the things to look for at the shops is any sign of certification. It’s especially important to determine if the shop has certified technicians for medium and large trucks. Seeing this certification will ensure that the people working on your truck are skilled and experienced. This means they will be able to repair and diagnose problems with your truck’s engine, steering, brakes, suspension, and electrical system.

Ask About Pricing

Price matters, but that doesn’t mean the cheapest shop is the right option. You also don’t want to go to the most expensive shop assuming they do the best work. You should compare the pricing scales at various shops to determine who gives value with the prices they offer. It’s still important that the shop offers all the repairs you may need in the future.

Truck Repair Service in New Jersey

B&L Recovery & Towing offers truck repairs and road service for trucks of all makes, models, and sizes. Our repair options include frame restoration, maintenance, welding, custom painting, and much more.

5 Questions You Need To Ask About Truck Roadside Service

Truck roadside service is a highly specialized business in New Jersey. The truck road service provider needs to have a fleet that can handle all types of roads and driving conditions, as well as the equipment that can handle vehicles of all sizes and weight loads. Here are the top five questions you will need to ask about truck road service in New Jersey.

1. Can the service attend to drivers on rural roads?

This is a common questions business in New Jersey have, as most companies in the state want to maintain their commitments to their customers. Truck road services like B&L Recovery and Towing can handle not only New Jersey turnpikes and major roads but also back roads in rural regions.

2. Does the service provide on-site repairs?

Not all truck road services come equipped with the ability to service large vehicles on site, leading to unnecessary towing costs. It pays to use a truck road service that offers on-site roadside repairs for minor breakdowns.

3. Does the service have its own towing and repair facility?

Likewise, not all truck road services in New Jersey have repair facilities for repairing large and heavy duty vehicles. B&L Recovery and Towing is one of the few that has ten drive-through service bays for this purpose alone.

4. Can the truck road service handle heavy duty vehicles?

Heavy duty vehicles are in a class of their own. Before committing to a truck road service, consider whether it can handle your fleet.

5. Does the truck road service offer body work, load shift, and other services?

When problems arise, your drivers may need immediate and efficient load shift to ensure your deliveries are safe and on time. Similarly, some accidents demand rapid body work, which can only be offered by companies in New Jersey like B&L.

Specialized Truck Services for Specialized Trucks

When it comes to specialized truck services, most truckers have their favorite garages. You know, that one place you can rely on to correctly diagnose your problem, treat it promptly, and give you affordable service. The problem with being a trucker, especially a long-haul trucker, is that you may be nowhere near your favorite mechanic’s shop when you experience a breakdown. Wherever you are, you need to find a reliable, affordable, dependable mechanic to get your truck repaired and get you on the road. B & L Recovery and Towing does not just provide reliable towing and recovery services for large trucks in the New York and New Jersey area, but also offers some of the area’s best and most reliable mechanic services.

Fast & Affordable Service

B & L offers a full-service large truck repair facility, with ten drive-in bays where we can handle all of your truck’s mechanical needs. As you already know, routine maintenance is critical to keep your truck running smoothly and efficiently and prevent future problems. B & L is happy to provide fast and affordable routine maintenance, getting you back on the road quickly while keeping your truck in fantastic shape. We also handle all types of mechanical repairs and even handle body work.

Quality Work

B & L is known for three things: quality work, speed, and affordability. Because we focus on service to the trucking business, we know that time is money. Every moment that your truck is down is a moment that you are losing money. So, we do everything in our power to minimize your downtime. When you come in for specialized truck service, we use our equipment to diagnose your problem and then give you an accurate estimate of the time and cost involved in a repair, allowing you to plan, accordingly.

Types of Technologies Used by Large Truck Repair Companies

There are plenty of technologies used by large truck repair companies in New Jersey. Here’s a look at what these technologies are and how they help improve the way these companies work:

Inventory technologies

With a software that helps keep track of repair tasks, it’s easy to for repair companies to follow up on specific jobs and requests. No need to miss an appointment any longer or lose a client because you’re late to a job. This also helps reduce the need for paperwork from old-school record-keeping methods. That helps save a ton on tasks so companies can spend more time and resources on the core business. With the use of inventory technologies, organizing orders and requests and putting them into the system is a whole lot more simple and stress-free.

Financial technologies

It can be tough to stay on top of invoices, expenses and other money issues and matters. That’s why it pays to have financial software and apps to help you keep track of these things. Companies in many industries can benefit tremendously from the use of financial technologies. You can minimize delayed or late payments by preparing your invoices early and sending them ahead of time. These help keep your organization financially healthy.

Logistics technologies

Large truck repair companies in New Jersey need to employ logistics technologies as well. It helps keep track of the delivery or transport of trucks. This helps generate schedules that yield maximum use of resources, resulting in less costs and fuel savings, savings that companies pass on to their customers as well.

Automated estimates

Another great technology used by repair companies that help make their lives easier is automated estimate-generation process. That involves using a system that helps them provide customers with estimates in a way that’s fast, smooth and easy. It’s a valuable service, rendered with little hassle and fuss on their part. That makes it a good addition to any system, making companies much more efficient in the process.

All these technologies make the work so much more simple, convenient and hassle-free. So if you’re looking for a repair truck company that’s efficient and gets the job done at a cost that isn’t fatal to your budget, then look for companies that make use of these tools.

For qualified repair assistance in New Jersey, get in touch with us. At B & L Recovery & Towing, we’re happy to provide you with your towing needs.