Truck Repair And Road Service New Jersey

We have 4 locations. Our Carteret NJ location, nearest to Interchange 12 of the New Jersey Turnpike, boasts a drive-through repair facility with ten bays, enabling us to deal with repairs and maintenance for multiple trucks and trailers at the same time. Whether you’re in need of fabrication, repair of drive trains, scheduled maintenance, trailer or truck repair, welding jobs or other detailed service, you can count on us to get you safely back on the road quickly.

B&L Towing and Recovery provides a one -stop solution for all your towing and recovery needs in New York City and New Jersey. Our services include custom painting, fabricating, repairing accident damage to truck and trailer bodies, straightening and repairing frames. We also offer estimates and insurance claims work. We pride ourselves of having one of the fastest service times in the New Jersey/New York City area.

When you need us, we’re always here for you, operating an emergency service that’s available all day, every day, including holidays, evenings and weekends.

What you need to know about B&L Recovery & Towing:

Our substantial fleet includes: 8 Under-Reach Wreckers, designed for trucks and trailers; 26 Service & Wrecker Trucks; 4 LowBoy / Landolls; and 4 Tractors.

  • We dispatch our vehicles 24-hours a day
  • Road service for your tractor trailer
  • Towing for larger vehicles, trucks and trailers
  • Emergency tire repair and replacement
  • Assistance with cargo reload and / or a shifting load
  • Virtually all truck repairs undertaken
  • Repair and repainting service for your car or truck following an accident

We are an authorized towing service for the New Jersey Turnpike – Interchange 12. We’ve been in business for over 35 years, continually providing a friendly, expert solution to all your truck repairs and maintenance for a surprisingly affordable price.

Truck Repair

We have 3 locations and feature a 10 drive-through bay, 6 acre truck repair facility capable of handling any type of truck or trailer repair, from a preventive maintenance to engine transmission or drive train repair, welding and fabrication. 1/2 mile from interchange 12 New Jersey Turnpike, Carteret NJ 07008.

Road Service

Every breakdown does not have to be towed in. We have 3 road service units to fix on the road. Eliminate Costly Downtime, call us on 732-541-0100.