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Any time, day or night: B&L recovery and towing offers continuous 24 hour truck service, repair, and towing for your vehicle.

Save Time with 24/7 Truck Repair

While there is never a convenient time for a truck to have a mechanical problem, a breakdown after business hours can threaten to turn what might have been a mere nuisance into a major problem. It can be difficult to find an authorized service provider, and, when you do, many of them may want to tow the truck to their facility for repairs, which might not start until business hours. Since over half of all truck repairs can be handled roadside, this is not just a waste of money, but also a waste of time. B&L offers truck tire repair and road service options that are designed to provide truck drivers with the safest, most time-efficient, and most cost-effective service and repair options, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Plan Ahead with B&L Recovery and Towing

While we are happy to work with individual truckers who are experiencing on-the-road problems, we are also big believers in planning ahead and emergency prevention. That is why we want to be your preferred 24-hour dispatcher and service provider. While there are plenty of companies who will contract out emergency dispatch service calls for the New Jersey Turnpike and other authorized routes, we have our own fleet of service trucks and tow trucks. For trucking companies and their service departments, this means that you can be assured of the quality and reliability of every emergency call for 24 hour truck repair, tire repair, or towing handled by B&L. You also get the benefits of coordinated responses to breakdowns, reloading expertise, access to a fleet of tow trucks, and the knowledge that all services and repairs will be provided at affordable rates.

When you need us, we’re always here for you, operating an emergency service that’s available all day, every day, including holidays, evenings and weekends. Call us at 732-541-0100.

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