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As heavy duty drivers, you know how severe the consequences are if anything goes wrong. At B&L Recovery and Towing, we take the safety of both our customers and their cargo seriously, and offer a range of specialized load restacking services to get you and your fleet back on the road in one piece.

Whether you need service on the road or can make it into our facility, our heavy duty tools are designed for heavy duty projects. Equipped with everything from paper roll clamps and pallet jacks to shrink wrap and loading docks, you can trust that your tractor or trailer is in good hands.

Our Load Restacking Services

Among others, we are proud to offer the following services:

  • Trans-Load service
  • Cargo-Claim Reload service
  • Load Shift adjustment/repair
  • Damaged Load and Trailer storage

Authorized Towing Company

A breakdown in your ole jalopy may be stressful, but it’s nothing like the horror of your cargo going overboard en route. At B&L, our expert techs have years of experience in all things heavy duty, and are eager to get you back on the road quickly, and safely. From trans-load and cargo claim reload services to roadside re-stacking and load shift, our knowledgeable team of semi techs won’t stop until your truck or tractor is back on the way to health. Committed to high-quality and cost-effective service, we are proud to be one of the only companies authorized to provide roadside recovery on the Jersey Turnpike.

Dedication to Superior Service

At B&L, we know hard truck drivers work, and we endeavor to get you back on the road (and back to that paycheck!) as soon, and as safely, as possible. One of the only companies authorized to access the NJ Turnpike, our load restacking and cargo claim reload services ensure that you get prompt and professional care when you need it most. If roadside repair is out of the question, we will happily store your truck or tractor trailer in our local warehouse, where our expert techs and mechanics will do their very best to return it to factory condition.

While every case will be different, we are eager and willing to work within your budget to ensure that your vehicle gets only the best service available. Whenever possible, we will happily work with your insurance company to maximize your coverage, and are always able to submit supplemental claims in the case of any ongoing damage or disrepair. Whether your semi needs a night or a week at our warehouse, you can rest easy knowing that she’s in good hands. When it comes to heavy duty, we have New Jersey covered!

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