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A collision is always unexpected, but repair should never be unreliable. From ensuring proper unibody frame reparation to restoring pre-accident specifications and wheel alignment, our first and foremost priority is maintaining the integrity of your vehicle. At B&L Recovery and Towing, you can rely on our 40+ years of experience and expertise to get your car or truck back on the road like new.

Cutting-Edge Downdraft Spray Booth Technology

Custom designed in 2011 by the world’s leading spray booth manufacturer, our Future Cure technology offers the latest and most advanced heat and filtering system on the market. Guaranteeing a flawless paint job, our restoration services are available for all makes of heavy vehicles from tractors and trailers to straight and dump trucks.

Computerized Diagnostics for Automotive Collision Repair

Typically built with on-board computer systems, modern vehicles are apt to require repair or reprogramming after an accident. At B&L, we can diagnose computerized damage to your vehicle as well as report findings to your insurance representative for immediate claim resolution.

Industry-Leading Custom Paint Products

The leader in quality automotive paint for 125 years, we are proud to offer Spies Hecker products. With its superior finishes and strict quality standards, Spies Hecker assures a paint job second to none.

Insurance Claims: Direct Handling

Looking to submit an insurance claim? From estimation to representation, we can either assist you in the process or submit the claim on your behalf. We are committed to making sure that all damage to your vehicle is repaired, not only inspecting it thoroughly but submitting supplemental claims as needed.

Out of Pocket Repair

For light accidents and lease turn-ins, there is often no need to submit an insurance claim. In these cases, we will work with you to ensure that your vehicle is repaired at a reasonable rate.

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