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Your tractor trailer repair expert, B&L Recovery and Towing is excited to offer an exclusive range of specialized heavy duty services. Of course, towing and recovery isn’t all we do, and we are proud to provide premier trailer and tractor trailer repair services across NJ and surrounding areas. Whether you drive a conventional cab or an eighteen wheeler, give us a call!

Expert Trailer Repair Technicians

At B&L, all of our work is performed by expert techs who use only state-of-the-art tools and technology. Our updated software allows all computer diagnostics to be performed promptly and accurately, ensuring we get you in, out, and back on the road as quickly as possible! Our heavy duty techs are also experts in all things eighteen wheels, and have years of experience in everything from trailer repair to tractor-trailer replacement. Of course, each semi and situation is unique, and we make every effort to work within your budget constraints to ensure only the highest-quality and most cost-effective repair.

Our Trailer Repair Services

We are proud to offer a variety of truck and trailer repair for all sizes and weight vehicles. Among others, we commonly perform the following services:

  • Welding
  • Fabricating
  • Axle/Steering alignment
  • Hydraulic system repair
  • Custom hose assemblies
  • Engine/Cooling inspections and repair
  • Heating and A/C installation and repair

Trust B&L with Your Trailer Needs

You wouldn’t go to the podiatrist for an ear infection, so why would you take your big rig to a sedan shop? At B&L, our seasoned team of expert mechanics know just what it takes to get your semi back on the road. From trailer repair to complete tractor-trailer replacement, we are the go-to experts for all things heavy duty in and around Carteret, New Jersey.

Of course, we aren’t just for repairs! Our tow truck and recovery services ensure that you get the roadside care you need when you need it most. When it comes to your safety (and cargo!), you can trust B&L to handle all your big truck needs.

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