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Driving a truck, flat tires are an inevitable hazard. Even the best-maintained trucks experience the occasional popped tire that puts you on the side of the road, waiting for roadside assistance or a tow. That is where B&L Recovery and Towing can help. We are an authorized towing and repair service for the New Jersey Turnpike – Interchange 12. We have been in business since 1973 & with over 40 years of experience we offer reasonable pricing and superior professional truck tire repair services, always with a smile!

Quick Roadside Truck Tire Repair

Many people consider a flat tire a mere inconvenience. However, for a truck driver, a flat tire means down time, which can delay schedules and mean lost money. That is why it is so important for truckers to find a truck tire repair service when they experience a flat. If a flat occurs, B&L Recovery and Towing can help you get your truck back on the road quickly, affordably, and easily.

When you need truck tire repair, you often need roadside service. Roadside service is a faster way to get your truck tires repaired or replaced. It is also significantly less expensive because roadside service can save you the cost of towing. Our experienced customer service team will find out exactly what type of tire you need, so that they can have it on hand for your tire replacement. We have a wide variety of new and used truck tires in-stock, so that we are able to meet our customer’s needs.

Friendly Truck Tire Repair Shops

Of course, not every tire repair or replacement is a roadside emergency. If you suspect a tire problem and want to make sure that you are road safe, come on by one of our shops. With branches located in Carteret, Newark, South Brunswick, and Lincroft, there is always one close by. Our drive-through servicing means we can provide friendly and speedy service to help get you back on schedule.

Whether you need roadside assistance or a shop-based tire repair, B&L is committed to taking care of your needs as quickly and affordably as possible.

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