Automotive Collision Repair

Complete Collision Repair
If you are involved in a collision, it is always unexpected. Rely on our expertise and 35 years of experience and our professional staff to repair your car like new – OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEES IT!

unibody frame is repaired properly and keep the integrity and the safety of the vehicle to pre-accident specifications and wheel alignment.

Cutting-Edge Downdraft Spraybooth Technology
Built in mid 2011, and having been custom designed by FUTURE CURE which is the world’s leading spray booth manufacturer, we offer the latest and most technologically advanced heat and filtering system which guarantees a flawless paint job.

Heavy Truck Collision Repair for all makes, from Tractors & Straight Jobs to Dump Truck, etc.

Computerized Diagnostics for Truck Repairs
Today’s vehicles are built with on-board computer systems – and these can be damaged or may need to be re-programmed as a result of the accident.  We can diagnose and report any problem to an insurance representative for immediate additional repair claim.

Industry Leading Custom Paint Products
We are proud to offer Spies Hecker paint system which has the strictest quality standards and lifetime warranty.  Spies Hecker has been the leading quality automotive paint product for 125 years.

Insurance Claims Direct Handling
If you wish to submit an insurance claim, we can assist you or submit the claim directly to your insurance company.  We will estimate and represent you, we will make sure that all damage is repaired, we will inspect your vehicle thoroughly and submit a supplemental claim if more damage is found as your auto is repaired.

Out of Pocket Repairs
For lease turn-in or light accidents, when it does not make sense to claim on your insurance, we will work with you for a very reasonable price.