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When a big truck breaks down, it needs a heavy-duty tow truck to tow it. Garbage trucks are large vehicles that weigh much more than passenger vehicles. In addition, they have equipment that can impact their balance. They also have heavy rear axles, which can support heavy loads. When a garbage truck breaks down, they need a heavy-duty towing company and an experienced crew that knows how to tow extensive equipment safely.

Towing garbage trucks can be challenging. The vehicles are heavy and bulky, requiring a heavy-duty wrecker and tow truck. In addition, breakdowns often happen at the most inconvenient times — the trucks may be full of garbage, which increases their weight and impacts the balance of the load. Towing garbage trucks presents particular challenges because of the unique design of these vehicles.

Picking the wrong towing service can be a severe mistake. It can damage the garbage truck and create a hazardous situation for everyone on the road. B&L towing can handle your garbage-truck-towing needs. We have the specialized equipment to handle towing heavy vehicles. You can rest assured that we will take care of your expensive equipment and safely tow it to the garage of your choosing.

Trust B&L Towing with Your Garbage Truck Towing Needs

You can trust B&L Towing to meet all of your garbage — and recycling — truck needs. We have years of experience with heavy towing and a proven track record of safely and efficiently transporting all types of oversized vehicles. You can depend on us to arrive promptly, load your equipment correctly, and transport it safely to your destination.

Heavy-duty towing is not simply a matter of having the right equipment. Our drivers also have the skill and expertise to load garbage trucks properly.

B&L Towing is proud to offer a solution to the challenges people face when they need a garbage truck towing service. Timely response is critical. Garbage trucks may break down on residential streets, which can block traffic and prevent the backup trucks from being able to enter the area and complete the garbage service. In those scenarios, getting a fast response is essential.

You can rely on B&L Towing for all of your garbage-truck-towing needs. We have the experience and skill necessary to handle all of your heavy-duty towing needs. Contact B&L Towing to get an emergency towing dispatch or to schedule a tow.

The Equipment Necessary for Towing Garbage Trucks

It is impossible to tow a garbage truck with a standard tow truck. Garbage trucks greatly outweigh a regular tow truck. Instead, you need specialized equipment, known as a heavy-duty tow truck. These tow trucks are heavier and more robust than regular tow trucks and are designed to handle large trucks and equipment.

In fact, heavy-duty tow trucks can handle weights up to 100,000 pounds. That means that they can tow huge vehicles, including garbage trucks. They also have specialized equipment like hydraulic winches and cables, which allow them to load and secure garbage trucks safely.

Heavy-duty tow trucks may also have special attachments to help the two. They can help balance the weight distribution between the tow truck and its load. It is essential to ensure that the load is stable prior to towing.

Towing a garbage truck requires specialized equipment and skilled professionals who know how to load and tow your equipment safely. You can trust B&L when you need garbage truck towing.

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