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We have already talked about how important truck brake repair is, but what about trailer brakes? While the ability to go is essential for your truck, nothing is as important as the ability to stop. Brake failure is so problematic that we have even constructed roads for runaway trucks where the brakes cannot control the truck.

However, truck brakes are not your system’s only important braking component. Your trailer brakes are essential as well. Suppose the truck stops, but the trailer keeps rolling. In that case, it can result in serious accidents, jackknifes, leaving the lane, and accidents. So, you want to ensure your trailer brakes are functioning as well as your truck brakes.

Trailer brake repair often depends on ensuring your brake controller is working correctly. That usually comes down to the wiring between your truck and your trailer. Of course, the brake controller is only one component of your braking system. You also have the physical brakes and the hydraulic system controlling those brakes.

What Is a Brake Controller?

A brake controller is an electronic device you can operate from your truck cabin to control the brakes in the trailer. There are several types of brake controllers, including

  • Non-Proportional
  • Time-Based
  • Proportional
  • Inertia-Based

Older brake controllers are non-proportional. The driver activates them by pressing on the car’s brakes. However, the problem with this type of brake controller is that it applies the same pressure regardless of how complex the driver is pushing the brake pedal. Proportional brake controllers remedy that issue.


One of our most important responsibilities is inspecting and maintaining your brake system. When we inspect your brakes, we are looking for any wear and tear areas. We will check whether your brakes are generally operating under usual driving conditions. If we notice any issues, we can repair them. We can also handle routine maintenance, such as replacing parts at scheduled interviews.

Other services we offer include

  • Brake Controller Installation
  • Rewiring
  • Wire Repair
  • Hydraulics
  • Controller Diagnostics and Resets

Rely on Our Expertise

You can rely on our mechanics to provide the high-quality, reliable services you need. We have the skills to keep your trailer’s brake system stopping as smoothly and reliably as possible. We have a large selection of brake controllers, which we can install, helping you choose the right one for your needs. We are focused on customer service, not sales. Our brake inspections will give you an honest overview of your issues, suggested fixes, and affordable solutions.

Contact Us Today

Ready to schedule your brake inspection, maintenance, or repair? Contact us today. We offer quick appointment times, reliable assessments, and various products. The result? We can often complete repairs within hours, minimizing your time out of service.

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