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To keep your trailer operating safely, you need some essential electrical connections. The electrical connections make sure the trailer’s lighting is functional. It also ensures you have brakes. Of course, suppose your trailer has unique functions, such as a freezer or other extensive equipment. In that case, the wiring also provides its power. Something as simple as a broken wire can compromise your entire load. So, you need access to a reliable trailer electrical repair shop when your electricity is on the fritz.

We Locate the Issue

One of the most challenging parts of electrical repair for a trailer is finding the source of the problem. It can take experience and expertise to locate the issue. It can be crossed wires, torn wires, broken parts, or other issues. We troubleshoot the problem down to its origin, correcting it and identifying other potential issues.

Electrical Restoration

What if your problem is beyond a simple repair? If you have well-maintained trailers, they can be on the road for years. However, over time your electrical system can degrade. We can handle a complete electrical restoration, which can add years to the life of your trailer.

Lighting Installation

One of our number one requests is installing new lighting equipment. You may see DIY lighting installation kits. However, you want to have an expert handle the job to ensure you get reliable lighting. We provide and follow all electrical installation standards, so you can rely on it to run correctly.

Electrical Rewiring

Is your wiring outdated? Please do not wait until it fails to replace it. A wiring failure can lead to inconvenience, keep your vehicle from operating correctly, and put you at risk. We can rewire your trailer. Replacing old wiring lets your trailer continue to function correctly. We remove the old wiring and fixtures, replacing them with new components. We use state-of-the-art equipment to keep your trailer functional for years.


Are you looking to add enhancements to your electrical system? Our technicians can help. Let us know what type of extras you want. We can diagram your upgrades and add them to your existing system.

Contact Us Today

Ready to update your trailer’s electrical system? Call B&L Towing. We can schedule a consultation detailing precisely what the project will entail. We stock most equipment you need and can particular order anything else. Call us today and get started on updating your equipment.

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