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You can travel across the United States from extreme cold to extreme heat in a single day. Depending on where you are driving, you can need heat and air conditioning at the same time. When stuck in your truck, these temperature extremes can get very uncomfortable. You want your vehicle to be at a comfortable temperature. It is not just about your physical comfort. If your truck is too cold, it can be challenging to concentrate. If your truck is too hot, it can be difficult to stay alert and hydrated. That is why trailer heating & A/C repair are essential to care for your fleet and drivers.

How Does Truck Air Conditioning Work

You might be surprised that your truck’s air conditioning system works similarly to your home HVAC system. The system uses a chemical refrigerant to condense and evaporate air. The result is heated or cooled air throughout the system. The system also moves air throughout the cabin, ensuring a steady supply of fresh air. For cooling, the AC system moves hot air from the vehicle, cools it, and then blows it back into the chamber. For heating, the system moves colder air from the car, eats it, and blows it back into the chamber.

Heating and AC Repairs

Your heating and air conditioning system gets lots of use over time. To keep it running in good condition, you may need to drain, refill, and keep its parts in good working order.

There are several ways that your heating and air conditioning can fail, but they fall into two main categories. Some failures are because the system is not blowing air into the cabin, while others are due to the system not cooling or heating the air sufficiently. One of the main issues people have is that the coolant levels are low. Recharging the coolant can help optimize the system. However, since the system is closed, needing a recharge can mean that there is a leak. Fixing leaks is another essential component of HVAC repair.

Rapid Repairs

One of the reasons that drivers or owners delay HVAC repairs is that they fear the time out of service. Since heating and cooling are about comfort, it is easy to say that the repairs are non-essential and continue to delay them. At B&L Towing, we can often do HVAC repairs the same day, maybe within a few hours. That means we minimize the time out of service. Our timeliness is another reason to choose B&L Towing for your trailer heating & A/C repair needs. Affordability is another. We focus on your budget. Contact us today to find out more.

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