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Have you heard the expression? Did the wheels come off? It means that someone experienced a total failure. Whether you are an owner, a driver, or an owner/operator, you know exactly what this means. To lose a wheel can be devastating. In the best-case scenario, it delays your delivery and puts you behind schedule. Worst case scenario, it leads to a catastrophic wreck. So, you know how important it is to keep your wheels and avoid needing trailer wheel repair.

When other people hear wheels, they think of tires. However, when truckers hear the word wheel, they think of the things holding the tires. Tires are easy to replace. Wheels are a little more challenging to keep in optimal shape. You need to make sure the wheel bearings are in good condition.

Why Are Wheel Bearings Important?

Think about how much weight your trailer supports. All of that weight is carried on your wheel bearings. So, you need to ensure that the wheel bearings are correctly packed. Properly packing your wheel bearings ensures they are lubricated, which helps your ride stay smooth and safe.

Wheel Bearing Inspection and Repacking

B&L Towing can inspect and repack your wheel bearings. You should be getting them inspected at regular intervals. Repacking them helps keep them in optimal condition.

To understand why, you need to know how the lubrication in your wheel bearings works. Over time, the grease breaks down. When that happens, it can no longer lubricate the bearings properly. In addition, water can get inside your wheel hub. Even if your wheels are never submerged, which would be unusual, condensation can still cause water to form. The more water in the wheel hub, the greater the chance of damage to your wheel bearings. If wheel bearings are not correctly lubricated, they can add friction. Added friction reduces the quality of your ride. At the extreme end, friction can cause your wheels to lock up. Locked wheels impact your steering ability, making it likely that an accident will occur.

When we repack the wheels, we put the bearings back in place. They are fully lubricated, which lets the bearings spin freely. That reduces the production of excess heat and friction. That can reduce the likelihood of accidents and increase the smoothness of the ride.

When Should I Repack the Wheel Bearings?

If your wheel bearings are making a grinding or whining noise, you probably need to repack them. You can also see if they feel hot to the touch. However, the heat test is difficult in the summertime, when the wheels may feel hot to the touch.

If you think you’re in need of trailer wheel repair, contact us. We are happy to repack them and get you back on the road.

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