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While your engine is essential, it cannot do its job without the transmission. That is why truck transmission repair is so necessary. You want to ensure your transmission is working properly to ensure your vehicle’s and driver’s safety. You should rely on B&L Towing for your truck transmission repair needs.

What Is a Transmission?

Your truck’s transmission uses gears to change the speed or direction of the vehicle. The transmission is also known as a gearbox.

What Does a Transmission Do?

A transmission enables the gear ratio between the engine and drive wheel to adjust as the car speeds up or slows down. The transmission also lets the vehicle idle by disconnecting the engine from the drive wheels. There are two main types of transmissions: automatic and manual. In manual transmissions, you move the gears yourself. In an automatic transmission, the vehicle changes its gears.

How Can I Tell If My Transmission Needs Repairs?

Generally, you will notice if you need a transmission repair. However, you might not know those symptoms signal a possible transmission issue. Some signs to look for include:

  • Noises When Your Vehicle Is In Neutral
  • Refusal to Switch Gears
  • Slipping Gears
  • Dragging Clutch
  • Leaking Transmission Fluid
  • Shaking or Grinding When Shifting Gears
  • Backlash Exceeds Permissible Lengths
  • Difficulty Putting Vehicle in Gear
  • Burning Smells
  • Check Engine Light

You should bring your vehicle in for inspection if you notice any of these issues. They may not always mean transmission issues, but they signal that something is wrong with your truck.

Do Transmission Problems Always Mean Transmission Repairs?

No. Sometimes your transmission issues may be as simple as needing your transmission fluid flushed and replaced. Other times, you may need to rebuild or replace your transmission. Sometimes people avoid getting more information because they fear the cost of transmission repairs. However, like with any other automotive problem, waiting is never a great strategy. The sooner you get into the garage, the more likely we can find an affordable and accessible solution to your problem.

Let B&L Towing Help

The first thing we will do is run a thorough diagnosis. We can dismantle and clean your gearbox, determining whether parts need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. If we take your gearbox apart, we replace consumables, seals, and worn or broken. Then, we remount the transmission on the truck. Whether you need your transmission fluid flushed and replaced or an entirely new transmission, we can help. Schedule an appointment today.

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