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Let Us Fix Your Flat: Use B & L Recovery and Towing for Your Truck Tire Road Service

Truck Tire Road Service

No one appreciates a flat tire, but flats in a large truck are a much bigger problem than flats in a passenger vehicle. Fixing a flat in a large truck, especially one carrying a heavy load, is a difficult task, which needs specialized equipment and may require multiple people to handle. It can also be dangerous, depending on location. Getting your truck towed to a large truck repair facility is always an option, but it is time-consuming, and all truckers know that time means money. The obvious solution is finding a great truck tire road service. In the New York and New Jersey area, B & L Recovery and Towing has earned a reputation as one of the area’s best truck tire road services because of our rapid 24/7 response time and all of the options we offer to truckers who have called due to a flat or a road break down.

Multiple Options

We offer drivers multiple options to handle flats. We have a huge selection of new and used tires. We can also recap tires, extending their life at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We can handle these services for most trucks road-side, getting you on your way faster than the competition.

Rapid 24/7 Response Time

Of course, we know that flats are not the only reason that you may be stranded. Lots of problems can cause you to end up in a jam. However, most of those problems can be fixed by a roadside service call, avoiding the time and the expense of towing your truck to a garage. That is why we have seven fully-equipped road service units for repair out on the New York and New Jersey roads. You are literally just a phone call away from help. In fact, we are authorized by the New Jersey Turnpike for tire road service.

Fast & Reliable Service

While our goal is to be able to get you on your way from the road, we know that sometimes that simply is not possible. In those instances, we offer full-service large truck maintenance and repair, including collision repair, at our garage. With our ten drive-in bays, and reputation for fast and reliable service, we can get you on your way quickly, safely, and affordably.

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