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Specialized Truck Services for Specialized Trucks


When it comes to specialized truck services, most truckers have their favorite garages. You know, that one place you can rely on to correctly diagnose your problem, treat it promptly, and give you affordable service. The problem with being a trucker, especially a long-haul trucker, is that you may be nowhere near your favorite mechanic’s shop when you experience a breakdown. Wherever you are, you need to find a reliable, affordable, dependable mechanic to get your truck repaired and get you on the road. B & L Recovery and Towing does not just provide reliable towing and recovery services for large trucks in the New York and New Jersey area, but also offers some of the area’s best and most reliable mechanic services.

Fast & Affordable Service

B & L offers a full-service large truck repair facility, with ten drive-in bays where we can handle all of your truck’s mechanical needs. As you already know, routine maintenance is critical to keep your truck running smoothly and efficiently and prevent future problems. B & L is happy to provide fast and affordable routine maintenance, getting you back on the road quickly while keeping your truck in fantastic shape. We also handle all types of mechanical repairs and even handle body work.

Quality Work

B & L is known for three things: quality work, speed, and affordability. Because we focus on service to the trucking business, we know that time is money. Every moment that your truck is down is a moment that you are losing money. So, we do everything in our power to minimize your downtime and costs. When you come in for specialized truck services, we use our equipment to diagnose your problem and then give you an accurate estimate of the time and cost involved in a repair, allowing you to plan, accordingly.

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