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Services Provided By A Truck Towing Company

A Garbage Truck Being Towed On The Streets Of A City

Truck towing companies in New Jersey offer different types of services. Not every truck towing company has the capacity to service heavy duty commercial vehicles or buses. It helps to be aware of the different truck towing options available in New Jersey to ensure the safety of your drivers.

Roadside Assistance

One of the most important services a truck towing company offers is Roadside Assistance. Roadside assistance can save companies a tremendous amount of time and money by helping the driver get their vehicle back on the road as fast as possible. Only companies with state authorization can provide New Jersey turnpike assistance, which is also why it is important to research the options for truck towing even before you hit the road. Companies like B&L Recovery and Towing are certified for multiple classes and types of vehicles.


Another important service a truck towing company offers is the ability to handle both large commercial vehicles and their payloads. Commercial vehicles involved in an accident or experiencing any situation requiring towing may have sensitive payloads. A truck towing company like B&L specializes in these types of services, integrating the towing of the vehicle with additional costs like temporary warehousing, damage storage, or re-stacking. If you have concerns about payload transfers, it helps to ask what kind of services the truck towing company offers.

Our Specialty

Finally, truck towing services in New Jersey should accord with high state safety standards. In extreme weather conditions, the towing situations can become tricky. Only specialized truck towing companies like B&L Recovery and Towing have the equipment that can haul heavy duty vehicles from ditches, mud, snow, and other predicaments on any road surface. These types of services are not available from any towing company and must be sought through companies like B&L that have both state certification and specialized equipment.

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