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5 Questions You Need To Ask About Truck Roadside Service

Broken Semi Truck On Side Of A Highway

Truck roadside service is a highly specialized business in New Jersey. The truck road service provider needs to have a fleet that can handle all types of roads and driving conditions, as well as the equipment that can handle vehicles of all sizes and weight loads. Here are the top five questions you will need to ask about truck road service in New Jersey.

1. Can the service attend to drivers on rural roads?

This is a common questions business in New Jersey have, as most companies in the state want to maintain their commitments to their customers. Truck road services like B&L Recovery and Towing can handle not only New Jersey turnpikes and major roads but also back roads in rural regions.

2. Does the service provide on-site repairs?

Not all truck road services come equipped with the ability to service large vehicles on site, leading to unnecessary towing costs. It pays to use a truck road service that offers on-site roadside repairs for minor breakdowns.

3. Does the service have its own towing and repair facility?

Likewise, not all truck road services in New Jersey have repair facilities for repairing large and heavy duty vehicles. B&L Recovery and Towing is one of the few that has ten drive-through service bays for this purpose alone.

4. Can the truck road service handle heavy duty vehicles?

Heavy duty vehicles are in a class of their own. Before committing to a truck road service, consider whether it can handle your fleet.

5. Does the truck road service offer body work, load shift, and other services?

When problems arise, your drivers may need immediate and efficient load shift to ensure your deliveries are safe and on time. Similarly, some accidents demand rapid body work, which can only be offered by companies in New Jersey like B&L.

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