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No one wants an RV breakdown. They interfere with plans, can create a hazard on the road, and often happen far away from your preferred garage or mechanic. Plus, when your RV cannot move, you cannot rely on a regular-sized tow truck to help you. You need a heavy tow truck to handle the load. Heavy-duty tow trucks are larger, stronger, and more capable of handling large loads than ordinary tow trucks. Plus, they have crews that know how to load oversized machinery safely.

RV towing can be challenging. Coaches come in a variety of sizes, but many are extremely heavy. They may also be full of possessions that can break, requiring a higher level of care than many other towing jobs. B&L Towing offers a higher level of care, keeping your home and its contents safe.

Choosing the wrong towing service can be an expensive mistake. They can damage your RV and even lead to injuries to others. B&L Towing puts safety first. Without our specialized heavy towing equipment and high level of skill, you can rely on us to safely take your RV to a garage of your choosing.

Trust B&L Towing with Your Coach Towing Needs

It can be hard to find a reliable service provider, especially if you are only traveling through the area. You can rely on B&L Towing to meet your coach towing needs. We have a reputation for safety, excellent customer service, and reliability. We arrive quickly, take care to load your coach carefully, balance the weight for safe transport, and treat your property with respect.

Towing an RV is different from towing other types of heavy trucks or equipment. RVs are your home away from home, and having an RV out of service can be emotionally complex as well as practically challenging. We cannot take away those frustrations, but we can guarantee you that we will take the utmost care with your RV.

At B&L Towing, we are proud to be here when you need someone to tow your coach. While waiting in an RV may be easier than some other options, the reality is that coaches are oversized vehicles. Depending on their location, they can block traffic, leading to frustration and anger directed at you. Our prompt response helps mitigate some of these issues.

B&L towing is here for all of your RV towing needs. Our experienced crew knows how to load your coach onto our heavy-duty tow trucks safely. Contact us for emergency towing or to schedule a tow.

The Equipment Necessary for Towing RVs and Coaches

It may be technically possible to tow a small RV with a standard tow truck, but it is not a great idea. For larger trucks, it is impossible. Coaches are not always heavier than regular tow trucks, but they are lengthier and larger. You need special equipment to safely tow these coaches without damaging them.

No coach is too large for our equipment. We have heavy-duty tow trucks that can handle up to 100,000 pounds. Even a fully loaded truck will not come close to that total weight. Specially trained crews use equipment like hydraulics to load these vehicles correctly.

Your coach is special to you. Do not trust just anyone with it. Rely on the professionals at B&L Towing. We will load your coach safely, care for it while we transport it, and get it to your chosen destination.

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