Heavy Duty Recovery NJ

Heavy Duty recovery specialists, B&L can take care of any size or weight vehicle! With heavy duty rotators for up to 75 tons, we are one of the only companies contracted by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority – meaning that we’re there for you when you need it most!

With years in the field of vehicle recovery, our heavy duty recovery services endeavor to ensure that both you and your cargo get home safe. One of New Jersey’s premier heavy duty contractors, we are proud to offer expert recovery work to the hard-working drivers of the Garden State and beyond.

Our Services

From recovery to repair, our expert techs are well-practiced in the art of all things heavy duty! Among others, we are proud to offer the following exclusive services:

  • Dropped trailers
  • Winching and Up-Righting
  • Emergency and Inclement Weather recovery
  • Air-Bag maintenance
  • Cargo (re-)adjustment

Specialized Care

At B&L, we provide specialized care when you need it most. Whether you are stuck on the side of the highway or are simply stopping in for routine maintenance on your way through town, our expert team of heavy duty recovery and repair techs will do their best to ensure that you and your vehicle get back on the road soon, and safely.

Our vehicle recovery and heavy duty recovery services are uniquely tailored to your needs, and we endeavour to provide only the best no matter what the situation. Proud to be one of the only heavy duty recovery contractors for the New Jersey Turnpike, our commitment to high-quality and cost-effective service isn’t just our decision; it’s our duty.

High Quality Customer Care

Experts since 1973, B&L is based in Carteret, New Jersey. Of course, our dedication to customer care means that we travel to where our customers need us most, and we are proud to have one of the fastest service times in the NJ/NY metropolitan area.

While every situation is different, we are more than willing to work with both customers and insurance companies to ensure that you get the highest quality for the lowest price. The go-to local specialist for vehicle recovery and heavy duty recovery service, B&L’s commitment to care means taking you through the entire claims process, from pick-up to payment.


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